PHP Programmer Resume


I'm a freelance web programmer with 12 years of experience in PHP and MySQL. I can assist you with almost every technical aspect of web development, from the website planning stage and to coding and launching your project live. I also provide support for websites that I have created. If these are the kind of services that you are looking for, keep reading...

Why hire me

My strength lies in my ability to listen to your requirements, suggest a solution based on my experience, and then translate this solution into PHP code. I have extensive experience solving real life problems. And if the job requires me to acquire a new skill, I am a quick learner.


My primary skill is web development using PHP, MySql and JavaScript. The following are among the applications that I have developed:
  • Content management systems (from simple CMS to websites with complex architecture)
  • E-Commerce websites (includes product catalog, shopping cart and checkout sequence integrated with PayPal, Authorize.Net or Cybercash payment services, administration tools)
  • Registration and membership systems
  • Mailing lists
  • Diverse data feeds
  • Blogs
  • Online booking / reservation systems
  • Stats and reporting tools
  • Referral systems
  • Facebook and Twitter API
My full list of experience is much more extensive than the summary above, and if the type of application that you are looking for is not here, don't worry: there is virtually no such thing that I wouldn't be able to code in PHP.


I have developed my own PHP framework, which is based on the MVC architectural pattern. My framework runs on several dozen websites, including complex ones such as My framework has been proven to be reliable, safe, extendable, and well suited for rapid application development. Using my framework allows me to significantly improve the quality of software and reduce development expenses. For frontend development, I prefer Smarty and jQuery.

I have considerable experience in the design of MySQL relational databases and SQL optimizations. I'm able to create a database structure that will be optimal for your website and will provide good performance. I work mostly with MySQL, but am also familiar with non-relational databases, in particular SOLR.

I am fluent in the Linux environment. Currently, many websites are hosted on Linux, and fluency in this operating system has become a must for serious web developers. Although I'm not a system administrator, I am able to perform routine administration tasks and can set up a LAMP server from the ground up. My favorite Linux distribution is Debian.

Search engine friendly websites

Quality inbound links and quality content on the website are crucial for being able to achieve a high rank in Google. But there are also many technical on-site optimizations that web developers can perform that can play a significant role. To name a few:
  • Design a thoughtful site structure, which includes: handy navigation with minimal number of clicks required to access the most important pages, breadcrumbs, optimized internal links, proper URL structures
  • Create clean, human-readable URLs
  • Avoid content duplicates when the same content is available at more than one canonical URL
  • Include optimized meta-tags and specify canonical URLs
  • Proper server response codes in all situations: redirects from moved pages, proper handling of deleted pages, no broken links
  • Include structured data markup where appropriate
  • Proper pagination handling
  • Provide fast page load times
  • Include XML site map
  • Proper handling of http parameters in URLs
I have experience in onsite search engine optimizations (SEO), and from the very start I develop a website with SEO in mind. If you know what to look for, see an example of optimizations that I have performed on The website has a complicated structure, consisting of tens of thousands of pages. Organizing all of the site's contents in a SEO-friendly manner was a challenge I successfully met.

Fast-loading websites

Responsive websites are an important part of user experience, and website speed is now also a Google ranking factor. Optimizing websites for fast load includes many aspects: proper HTML+CSS coding; minimal number of http requests needed to load a page; use of CSS sprites, combine, compress and cache javascripts and CSS; use of CDN when appropriate; proper webserver caching headers; and a fast and reliable hosting company. Again, I have experience optimizing websites for faster loading times and can help you find the best solution for your project.


I took part in several startups and have some experience in making business decisions. If you are a startup and would like to partner with an experienced PHP programmer, I am interested to discuss potential opportunities with you.

Other skills

Although this is not my main expertise, I have experience with the following tools and services that are very useful for running a successful website: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, SEO PowerSuite/Rank Tracker, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Google PageSpeed, SVN. I have some experience setting up and running Google AdWords campaigns.


Available upon request.